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- Radionuclide-Handbook -
for Laboratory Workers in
Spectrometry, Radiation Protection and Medicine
" 25 Years Radionuclide Table for Professional Application "
Wolfgang Wahl
New revised and expanded Table 6
Version: 6.0.x January 2019
  • Around 250 Radio-Isotopes (State of Data: January 2019)
  • Decay Scheme in Form of a Listmode: α·β·ε·IT·sf·γ·x-ray data
  • α·β·ε·IT·sf -Branch inclusive Energy and Emission Probability
  • Nuclide and Isotope Index, References specific α- and γ-Energy Lists
  • Indicated Reference- (cyan) and Interference- (int) Lines
  • Natural Radio-Isotopes inclusive Cosmic Radiation: Decay Chains and Isotope Details
  • Anthropogenic Radioisotopes: Fission and Activation Products as well as
  • Medicine: NM, Therapy, Diagnostic, PET, Bone Seeking, Body Composition, Iodines
  • Actinites: Activation Process of Pu/Am/U/Th/Pa and Decay Series inclusive Isotope Details
  • Calibration Isotopes: Standard, Low Energy, Multi-Photon, electron, neutron incl. Coinc. Corr.
  • Radio-Nuclides in Low-Background Spectra inclusive (n,γ)- and (n,n´γ)-reactions
  • X-ray Lists of Natural, Actinides, Calibration and Man-Made Isotopes

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