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Low Level γ-Spectrometer with Low Background HPGe Detector, n-Moderator and μ-Veto Shield >>[download brochure]

System description:

HPGe Detectors: p- or n-type
coaxial (60 150 % efficiency) or
planar (5, 7 and 8 cm diameter, 1.5 up to 3 cm thick)
•  Standard low background (LB) version
•  Ultra low background (ULB) version
•  30 -40 ltr. Dewar
Spectrometry Electronics
•  Standard Version: Digital spectrometry electronics (stand alone)
•  Shaping Amplifier 6/8/12 µs, PUR; HV
•  ADC: 4/8/16 k, inhibit and/or gate, Buffer
•  PC-Interfaces, Network or USB
Event by event Two-Dimensional Version for ULB System
Between 40 keV and 2.7 Mev the total shielding factor is approx. 1000 and the measured count rate 0.08 cps/kg Ge.
The Present Reference on Ground Level!
Effectiness of the Shielding Modules
Passive Front Loading Lead Shield
•  LB Version: Boliden (LB) lead wall thickness ~ 10 cm, copper, plastic
•  ULB Version: Boliden lead wall thickness > 10 cm incl. ULB lead, x-ray reduction.
Anti Cosmic Veto Shield
•  Scintillation or gas detector
Anti Cosmic Electronics
•  digital
•  analogue
Data Evaluation Software

(1) outdoor,(2) + measurement dugout,
(3) + iron castle, (4) + passive detector shielding,
(5) + active detector shielding (veto)

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