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VRF - γ-Spectrometry Software
- Non linear -
Least-Squares Fitting Techniques
for Gamma Spectrometry
"After 40 years high resolution γ-spectrometry"
Finally a complete analysis of high resolution HPGe-spectra
The latest generation in γ-spectra analysis
Autumn 2019
A new powerful method of high-resolution gamma-ray spectral analysis:
  • A spectrum-wide shape is formed for each nuclide with activity adjusted at each iteration
  • For all nuclides the full-spectrum shapes are summed and automatically repeated for best fit
  • VRF is visually-driven for reporting, graphing and specialized analysis
  • Detector energy, resolution and efficiency calibrations best fitting by up to 6-order Pade
  • High sensitive identification of minor peaks that are masked by larger overlapping peaks
  • Automatic activity correction for decay during acquisition & collection and since collection
  • Automatic random & true-coincidence summing and single, double and x-ray escape corrections
  • Three different attenuation groups are selectable including low-energy peak-tail fitting
  • Applicable to activation analysis for prompt and delayed neutrons
  • Implemented calculation of isotopics ratios, e.g. for U-235/U238 or Pu-240/Pu-239
  • Editable libraries (txt-files) for 1180 isotopes (3840 in preparation), selectable decay sequences (chains), all x-rays, 183 neutron activated nuclides and customizable groups of isotopes
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