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Table of Contents

1. Quick Info

2. Introduction
    2.1 Notes
    2.2 Description
    2.3 Additional Symboles

3. Natural Isotopes
    3.1 Natural and Np Decay Chains
          3.1.1 U-238 Decay and Daughters (Radium Series)
          3.1.2 Th-232 Decay and Daughters (Thorium Series)
          3.1.3 U-235 Decay and Daughters (Actinium Series)
          3.1.4 Np-237 Decay and Daughters (Neptunium Series)
    3.2 Natural Isotopes in Detail
          3.2.1 Decay of U-238 and their Daughters
          3.2.2 Decay of Th-232 and their Daughters
          3.2.3 Decay of U-235 and their Daughters
          3.2.4 Radiological Data of Uranium
          3.2.5 Complementary Primordial Radioisotopes
          3.2.6 Cosmogenic Produced Radioisotopes
          3.2.7 X-Ray from Natural Families
    3.3 γ- and α- Energies in Energy-Order of natural Isotope
          3.3.1 γ-Energies in Energy-Order of Natural Isotopes
          3.3.2 α-Energies in Energy-Order of Natural Isotopes
          3.3.3 α-Energies of Lanthanides and Metals

4. Actinides
    4.1 General View of Isotope Production and Decay Channels & Series
          4.1.1 Pu-245/241, U-237, Th-233 Production & Decay- to Np-Series
          4.1.2 Pu/Am-242, U/Pa/Th-234 Production & Decay- to Ra-Series
          4.1.3 Pu-243, U-239, U/Th-235 Production & Decay- to Ac-Series
          4.1.4 Pu/Am-244, Pu-240, U-236, Pa-232 Production & Decay- to Th-Series
    4.2 Plutonium Isotopes in Detail
          4.2.1 Pu-241, U-237 Decay Schemes
          4.2.2 Pu-242/238 Decay Schemes
          4.2.3 Pu-243, Pu/Np/U-239 Decay Schemes
          4.2.4 Pu-244, Pu/Np/U-240, U-236/232 Decay Schemes
    4.3 γ- & α-Energies in Energy-Order of Actinides
          4.3.1 γ-Energies in Energy-Order of Actinides
          4.3.1 α-Energies in Energy-Order of Neptunium
          4.3.1 α-Energies in Energy-Order of Actinides

5. Anthropogenic Radioisotopes
    5.1 Industry, Energy, Research
        5.1.1 Activation Products
        5.1.2 Fission Isotopes
    5.2 Nuclear Medicine
        5.2.1 Overview (Production, Decay, Dosimetric Data)
        5.2.2 Therapy (Beta Emitter)
        5.2.3 Diagnostic
             In Vivo
             In Vitro
        5.2.4 PET (Positron Emitter)
        5.2.5 Bone Seeking Radioisotopes
        5.2.6 Body Composition Radionuclides
    5.3 Iodine Radioisotopes
    5.4 Photon Energies in Energy-Order

6. Standard Calibration Radionuclides
    6.1 General Cosiderations and Isotope Overview
    6.2 Isotopes usable without Coincidence Correction
    6.3 Isotopes requiring Coincidence Correction
    6.4 Multi-Phootn Standard Isotopes
    6.5 Low-Energy Isotopes
    6.6 Electron Standard Isotopes
    6.7 Escape- and Sum-Energies
    6.8 Cf-252 and Am-241 Neutron Sources
    6.9 γ-Energies in Energy-Order of Calibration Isotopes

7. Low-Background Aplication
    7.1 Observable γ-Lines from Natural Isotopes
    7.2 Observable γ-Lines from Man-Made Isotopes
    7.3 Particle Induced Radiation
          7.3.1 Neutron Scattering
          7.3.2 Neutron Capture
          7.3.3 Activation Capture
          7.3.4 Fluorescence
    7.4 Neutron Capture of Light Isotopes
    7.5 γ-Energies in Energy-Order of Low-Background Measurements

8. List of Isotopes and Materials
    8.1 Properties of Isotopes
    8.2 Properties of Materials

    A.1 Special Isotopes and Examples of Coincidence Deacay
    A.2 Coincidence Correction for Calibration Isotopes
    A.3 Comments to Data Evaluation and Gamma-Ray Emission Probability


Nuclide and Isotope Index

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